08 April 2010

Textually Active

Here are a few of the messages from my in box.
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(908) happy new yr- hmm mayb regrets on not comin out w u ;) whatr u wearin again?! muah
(570) Wanna just see me interesting place? Hah
(732) Sexy and u keep it up and your going to get it
(323) That would be so much better with nothing on you!
(908) U in the tub yet?
(908) Granted I have only seen what u do... but I'm sure its better in real life
(715) where did u sllep
(323) U should always do what i say
(732) NO!!!! Fist pumpers?!?!?! Shit!
(732) So I think you should maybe cancel on the second set of plans...maybe tell him that you're beat and have your period or something lol.
(323) Cum here b4 work I just want u here Cum here plz. Miss u (mind you this was received @ 3:45AM)
(732) Just try not to regret in the morning
(219) Kool well have fun,get naked and shit,looooool
(732) DANGER: being in contact with Nico may cause intoxication or even jail time. use with caution.
(908) I just woke up and I don't have any recolection of how I made it to bed.....
(908) Nico, u should drink his drink out of principle at this point


  1. if these are candid actual texts then you are fuckin' awesome :-)

  2. These are in fact actual texts that I've received. Why thank you ;-)